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Serving bubble tea is now simple

Make great-tasting bubble tea in under a minute, simply shake for Sip Pop Joy!

No Preparation

No Equipment

No Extra Labour

Fantastic Flavours

We have developed a delicious range of tea infused fruit syrups, fruity popping boba and traditional milk teas with tapioca pearls. All of our flavours have been tried and tested to ensure that they are the best on the market and your customers will love them!

Boba Single Straw.png
Boba Single Mango.png
Boba Single Straw.png
Boba Single Mango.png

Simple Process

Tea Joy’s unique products reduce the time taken to make bubble tea from over two hours to under one minute! This means it is now easy to serve bubble tea at your venue


More than just Bubble Tea

TeaJoy syrups make creative cocktails, interesting ice teas, soothing sorbets, delicious desserts, sauces and hot fruit tea.


Our fruity popping boba and quick-cook tapioca make fun, exciting toppings for beverages and desserts.


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