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Sharing the joy of bubble tea

I dreamt of joy...

… I loved serving bubble tea in my own restaurants, but the long and complicated making process was a real chore. I dreamt of making bubble tea with no preparation, no equipment and no extra labour and that’s when TeaJoy was born.

My vision is for bubble tea to be accessible everywhere and not a specialist drink which people have to travel for. Join me and let's bring more joy to our customers and make their everyday drink pop!

Ning Ma - Founder


Why TeaJoy?

TeaJoy is the only company that makes jasmine tea infused with real fruit. To make our joyful bubble tea add -

  • Water

  • Shake

  • Pour


We help you save on space, time, equipment and labour costs.

Our range is for everyone from small independents to national chains.

Origins of Bubble Tea

Created by Chun Shui Tang Tea Room in Taiwan in the 1980s when Lin Hsiu Hui accidentally added tapioca to his tea at a staff meeting. The drink quickly became the tea room’s No 1 drink and was  soon copied across Taiwan.

It spread rapidly across Asia then in 2005 was launched in the US, in 2011 it reach the UK.


Great Tasting

We use natural fruit in our syrups and hand-picked high-quality jasmine tea from Taiwan to give our drinks that real flavour. Imagine a summer’s day with a light breeze and with the scent of jasmine.  Our bubble teas have the perfect balance of fruitiness and light floral finish.


Our secret recipe took us years to get right and to help share the goodness all our drinks are allergen-free and vegan friendly.


We source our tea personally from the Taichung region in western Taiwan in the foothills of Xueshan mountain range. This special region produces the most fragrant jasmine tea and is the heartland of Taiwanese tea. Our tea fields are from small holdings and help support the local community. We only use real fruit and jasmine tea in our syrups giving you a drink that is consistent and as authentic as if pour in Taiwan.


All things bubbly

At TeaJoy we know a few things about balls!

Our popping boba is made from fruit juice and the shell is made from Xanthan gum. Our boba has a thinner shell giving you a better pop and a less rubber like consistency. When tested 10/10 people preferred ours to others on the market.


Our tapioca is quick to cook and takes 20 seconds to prepare. Our tapioca is made from 100% sweet cassava flour and has a caramel brown sugar taste so no need to add syrup.

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