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TUCO 2024

TUCO 2024

We are proud to be back at TUCO 2024 where we will be showcasing TeaJoy bubble tea at Exter University.

TUCO is the leading professional membership body for in-house caterers operating in the higher, further education and public sector. TUCO is committed to advancing the learning and development of catering and hospitality teams, and work to provide quality standards, advice and information to those working in in-house catering.

University Student with Bubble Tea
Student with Bubble Tea

Established in 1953, TUCO provide a platform where members can Share and celebrate achievements; Learn via a range of courses, professional advice, training and study tours; Buy via TUCO’s EU compliant catering frameworks and wide range of suppliers – maximising value through the combined £146m+ annual spend of TUCO members, and Grow their business through latest market research, trends and analysis.

Join us at TUCO 2024 where TeaJoy is proud to showcase our irresistible bubble tea offerings, now available at over 60 prestigious universities and colleges. Caterers seeking to elevate their menus will find TeaJoy to be an exceptional choice.

TeaJoy's bubble tea stands out as the UK's most sought-after drink, with its popularity driving high demand among consumers. What sets TeaJoy apart is its ability to deliver exceptional margins while streamlining the preparation process. Our unique infusion of jasmine tea with real fruit juice eliminates the laborious task of morning brewing and cooling, saving time, money, and valuable kitchen space. With TeaJoy, there's no wastage—each drink is made to measure, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness for caterers. When you break this costing down our drinks per cup are more cost effective than any other solution especially investing in machines and brewing your own tea.

Furthermore, TeaJoy takes pride in offering comprehensive training resources, including easy-to-follow manuals, instructional videos, and complimentary online quarterly training sessions. This ensures that staff members, even amidst high turnover, can consistently deliver the perfect TeaJoy experience.

TeaJoy at Tuco in 2023
TeaJoy at TUCO 2023

Quality is at the heart of TeaJoy. Our syrups feature premium jasmine tea sourced directly from women-run farms in Taiwan, combined with real fruit for a fresh and natural taste. Every aspect of our bubble tea, from the quality of ingredients to the careful pairing of boba for taste and aesthetic appeal, reflects our commitment to excellence.

To further support our partners, TeaJoy provides complimentary POS materials, empowering caterers to showcase their new bubble tea offerings and drive sales.

If you're attending TUCO this year, we invite you to visit our booth, sample our delicious bubble tea, and discover how TeaJoy can bring a touch of joy to your catering business. Let's spread more joy together—see you at TUCO!

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