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The London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival is an annual event that celebrates London's vibrant coffee culture. It typically features a wide range of activities including tasting sessions, demonstrations, workshops, and competitions, all centered around coffee. Attendees can explore different coffee varieties, learn about brewing methods, discover new equipment, and engage with industry professionals. It's a great opportunity for coffee enthusiasts, baristas, roasters, and café owners to connect, learn, and share their passion for coffee.

London coffee festival logo
London coffee festival logo

Held in London Truman Brewery the event see 100’s of coffee brands showing off new innovation, products, beans, milks and what is trending in the coffee world. As part of the experience they also host talks and panels which TeaJoy was asked to be on.

You might be thinking, what's TeaJoy, a bubble tea company doing at a coffee festival? With our easy to prepare bubble tea it is a perfect addition to coffee shops menu, you can now find bubble tea on the menu of Black Sheep Coffee and Costa Coffee. More and more people seek ice drinks especially amongst Gen-Z. 45% of 18-24 year olds would choose a cold drink over a hot drink like coffee. As summer approaches an ice tea or bubble tea is a good option for having a more refreshing drink.

Ning Gita Annabel
Ning Gita Annabel

Ning, founder of TeaJoy, was asked to take part in a tea tasting competition with Annabel from Tea Rebellion and Gita from Chalo, where she got to share her knowledge on tea. In the competition she had to identify a white tea from a green tea and black tea blindfolded. The reason why they were blindfolded is so they could not see the colour of the tea and give the game away.

White green and black tea
White green and black tea

Did you know that black, green and white tea all come from the same plant. Tea plant is called Camelia sinensis and if you didn't prune them they would turn into a tree.

To make the different teas you oxidised them, by exposing the cuttings to air. The leaf turns from green to brown to black. At these different stages you find the tea goes from white to green to oolong to black.

TeaJoy's commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in your choice of ingredients and dedication to sourcing from reputable tea farms in Taichung, Taiwan. Incorporating jasmine tea into your fruit tea syrup and black tea into your milk tea adds layers of flavor complexity that discerning tea enthusiasts will appreciate. Supporting women-run tea farms not only promotes gender equality but also fosters sustainable and ethical practices within the tea industry.

By combining your high-quality tea with real fruit juice, you're elevating the bubble tea experience to new heights, offering customers a taste sensation reminiscent of being in Taiwan itself. This dedication to excellence sets TeaJoy apart and ensures that every sip of your bubble tea is a delightful journey for the taste buds.

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