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TeaJoy's Top Three Bubble Teas

Discover TeaJoy's Top Three Selling Bubble Teas

At TeaJoy, the question of our best-selling bubble tea flavours often arises, and the answer is as intricate as the art of crafting these delightful concoctions. Our commitment to excellence shines through in the use of high-quality jasmine tea and real fruit juice, creating syrups tailored for both bubble tea and cocktails. Notably, our boba boasts a unique, thinner wall that ensures a satisfying pop, eliminating the need to bite into the boba to burst it.

Location, Location, Location

Geographical nuances play a pivotal role in determining the star players on your bubble tea menu. For instance, in the vibrant city of London, Lychee Jasmine Tea claims the third spot in popularity, closely trailing behind Passionfruit and Pineapple.

Venture outside London, and you'll find Strawberry Fruit Tea securing the second spot, leaving Lychee just shy of the top three. Interestingly, Strawberry emerged as a global sensation in 2023, solidifying its place as one of the hottest flavours.

Audience Insights

Understanding your demographic is the compass guiding your flavour choices. Our research uncovers that individuals aged 12-22 exhibit a preference for fruit-based bubble teas, while the 28-35 age group leans towards the timeless allure of traditional milk tea adorned with tapioca pearls.

The younger palate savours the sweet and fresh notes of jasmine tea, with hints of floral accents. In contrast, traditional milk tea, enriched with black tea powder, offers a robust and profound flavour.

Cultural influences come into play, with Taro reigning supreme in high East and Southeast Asian areas, while the crown for Southern Asian regions goes to Mango Fruit Milk Tea. The journey into bubble tea often begins with more floral fruit flavours like Passionfruit before gradually embracing the richer tones of Milk Tea.

Friends drinking
Friends drinking

Site/Venue Dynamics

TeaJoy's versatile offerings extend beyond the traditional bubble tea shop, encompassing partnerships with coffee shops, bars, family dining establishments, quick-service restaurants (QSR), and contract catering to leisure sites. Our natural fruit syrups, celebrated for their pure taste, seamlessly lend themselves to crafting exquisite cocktails.

Picture this: Pineapple syrup transforming into a luscious Pina Colada, or the fusion of Lychee syrup with Sake creating an enchanting Lychee Sake Tonic. Coffee shops witness the popularity of familiar flavours like Mango Fruit Tea and traditional Milk Tea, but innovation takes centre stage with the introduction of Coffee Milk Tea, where a shot of espresso invigorates the classic bubble tea experience.

TeaJoy top 3 bubble tea
Pineapple milk, Lychee tea, Passionfruit tea

Top 3 Pairings

After navigating through diverse preferences, our top three pairings emerge as the champions of taste: Passionfruit Fruit Jasmine Tea with Strawberry Boba, Pineapple Fruit Milk Tea with Mango Boba, and Lychee Fruit Jasmine Tea with Blueberry Boba.

Explore the symphony of flavours at TeaJoy, where every sip is an invitation to savour the essence of our carefully curated bubble tea creations.

Passionfruit tea, Pineapple milk, Lychee tea

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