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TeaJoy is back at TUCO 2024

Updated: Jun 24

TUCO is back and so TeaJoy is back at TUCO's 2024 event from 29th to 31st of July at Exeter University.  At the event, we will be showcasing our signature bubble tea. We will be at stand 333. If you didn’t try our bubble tea last year come say hi and learn how easy it is to make our teas. If you are already a TeaJoy partner let's say cheers over a bubble tea.

TeaJoy will be at TUCO 2024

What is TUCO?

The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) is a professional membership body that represents in-house caterers operating within universities and colleges across the United Kingdom. Established to promote, develop, and support the catering and hospitality sector within higher education, TUCO is dedicated to enhancing the quality, sustainability, and efficiency of services provided by its members.

TUCO's Mission and Vision

TUCO's mission is to advance and elevate the standards of university catering and hospitality services. This mission is underpinned by several key objectives:

Training and Development:

  • TUCO is committed to the continuous professional development of its members. It offers a comprehensive range of training programs, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise in catering and hospitality.

Procurement Excellence:

  • By leveraging collective buying power, TUCO secures competitive pricing and high-quality products for its members. This not only drives cost savings but also ensures that universities can provide top-tier dining experiences to their students and staff.

Innovation and Sustainability:

  • TUCO champions innovation and sustainability within the sector. It encourages the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact and promote long-term viability.

Community and Networking:

  • Fostering a sense of community among its members, TUCO provides numerous opportunities for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of best practices. This collective approach helps members stay ahead of industry trends and challenges.

Key Benefits of TUCO Membership

1. Comprehensive Training Programs:

  • TUCO’s training programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of university caterers. From culinary skills and food safety to management training and customer service, these programs are designed to enhance the capabilities of catering teams, ensuring they deliver exceptional service.

2. Strategic Procurement Services:

  • Through its procurement services, TUCO enables members to access a wide range of high-quality, competitively-priced products. This includes everything from fresh produce and beverages to kitchen equipment and supplies. TUCO’s procurement solutions are designed to maximize value and efficiency.

3. Sustainability Initiatives:

  • TUCO is at the forefront of promoting sustainability within university catering. It supports initiatives such as reducing food waste, sourcing locally and ethically, and implementing eco-friendly practices. TUCO’s commitment to sustainability helps universities meet their environmental goals and responsibilities.

4. Research and Insights:

  • TUCO conducts extensive research to provide its members with valuable insights into industry trends, consumer preferences, and emerging challenges. This data-driven approach enables members to make informed decisions and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

TUCO's Impact on University Catering

TUCO’s influence on university catering and hospitality is profound. By setting high standards, promoting best practices, and fostering a collaborative community, TUCO ensures that university caterers can provide exceptional dining experiences that enhance student satisfaction and well-being. The organisation’s focus on sustainability and innovation also ensures that university catering services are future-proofed, resilient, and aligned with contemporary values and expectations.

TeaJoy will be at TUCO 2024


The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) is more than just a membership body; it drives excellence and innovation in university catering and hospitality. At TeaJoy we are proud members of the framework giving us credibility and credence. Our high-quality jasmine tea and real fruit juice mean we have the most natural bubble tea on the market, without any allergens or artificial flavouring. Our innovative syrups you just shake, pour, serve and you have joyful bubble tea. Through its comprehensive training programs, strategic procurement services, sustainability initiatives, and vibrant community, TUCO empowers its members to deliver outstanding services that enrich the university experience.

If you are a university attending learn how we can support you by delivering you the most innovative drink. TeaJoy offers free training and POS to add to existing menus is as easy as 1,2,3. Let us help you spread joy with TeaJoy bubble tea.

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