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Stop Food Waste Day

Food waste info graphic
Food waste

Today is Stop Food Waste Day. At TeaJoy we take food waste serious so have thought how can we make sure you don’t waste food. 

Food waste is a massive global problem, in fact if food waste was a country it would be the 3rd highest polluting country behind United States 2nd and China 1st. In Britain we are getting a little better but we still throw away 10.7 million tonnes of food away.

When Ning first started to do bubble tea in her restaurant MamaLan she was alarmed that everyday she would through away huge amounts of tea and tapioca. When developing TeaJoy Ning was conscious to make a product with close to zero waste.

Syrups - our syrups contain jasmine tea and real fruit juice so you don’t have to brew huge vats of teas and throw away the waste at the end of the day.

Boba -  we developed our tubs to be 2.1kg vs the standard size of 3.2kg. The reason behind this was they fit in the fridge better. Once boba is open it needs to be refrigerated one problem we found was that with 3.2kg business could not fit them into the fridge and as a result they would go off and be thrown away. If you have just launched bubble tea sometimes it might be a bit slow before your customers know you are serving bubble tea as a result you might not get through a 3.2kg boba tub at first.

Food waste logo
Food waste

Tapioca - traditional tapioca takes 1.5 hours to make once you have boiled it, cooled it down and soaked it in syrup, because it is such a long process you tend to make a lot, but then if you don not sell it, by the end of the day you throw it away. We developed our quick cook tapioca take only takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to prepare so you can make little and often and not run out.

Shelf life - when we first started TeaJoy our products only had 12 months from production, we worked on our pasteurisation process as we did not want to add preservatives to our tea syrups. The result of the pasterurisation process  we doubled the shelf life of all our products.

Recipes - another way TeaJoy helps reduce food waste was through our recipes. All of our drinks are easy to prepare thanks to our exact measurements so you get optimal taste and no waste. We provide free training, training manuals and videos so you know how to make the drinks perfectly.

Jack & Ning at the factory
Jack & Ning at the factory

Shakers - to help with the measurement of the recipes we supply specific shakers with measuring lines so you know exactly where to add the ingredients.

Taste - our biggest factor in not wasting TeaJoy bubble tea is that they just taste so good and you will sip, pop, every last drop and boba.

Food waste is a massive problem facing the world with 33% of all food produced thrown away, that equates to $1.2 trillion of food waste annually. If we all acted a little more consciously we would make a global difference.

If you are tired of wasting bubble tea at the end of the day get in touch and see how we can help you reduce your waste and increase your margins.

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