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Recipe idea - Warm Caramel Milk Tea with Tapioca

Updated: Mar 26

Spoil Mum this Mother's Day with a delicious and comforting TeaJoy Warm Caramel Milk Bubble Tea, a popular and trendy drink that combines the rich flavours of caramel. This indulgent beverage is then topped with chewy tapioca (pearls), adding a fun and unique texture to each sip. Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, originated in Taiwan and has since gained popularity worldwide for its refreshing taste and customisable options. 

Treat Mom to this special drink as a sweet and thoughtful gesture to show her how much you appreciate all that she does. You can find our TeaJoy bubble tea in Black Sheep Coffee, Creams, Heavenly Desserts, Iro Sushi, MamaLan Brixton, Handroll Sushi and Primark Cafes. This Warm Caramel Milk Bubble Tea is sure to bring a smile to Mom's face on her special day.


  • 3 spoons vegan milk tea powder

  • 200ml hot water

  • 15ml caramel syrup

  • 150ml cold water

  • 1 ladle Tapioca 


  1. Add 200ml of hot water

  2. Add 3 scoops of TeaJoy Vegan Milk Tea Powder, ensure the TeaJoy Vegan Milk Tea Powder is completely dissolved 

  3. Pour 15ml of TeaJoy Caramel syrup into your shaker

  4. Then add 150ml of cold water

  5. Add your joyful Tapioca to your cup and pour your TeaJoy Warm Caramel Milk Tea on top

Ready to explore more delightful flavours? Check out the range of TeaJoy Bubble Tea products and let the joy continue beyond this recipe! Discover your next favourite flavour. Sip, pop, and let the joy flow!

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