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Recipe Idea - Valentine's Special

Updated: Mar 11

Our Strawberry with Lychee Boba

Once again love is in the air and what better way to celebrate than with a bubble tea!

The Origins of Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14th, has roots in both Christian and ancient Roman traditions. It is named after Saint Valentine, a third-century Roman saint who is associated with acts of love and kindness. Over time, Valentine's Day evolved into a celebration of romantic love, marked by the exchange of cards, gifts, and gestures of affection.

Strawberries 🍓 are a classic symbol of love and have long been commonly considered to be an aphrodisiac which makes them a seemingly desirable treat to market around Valentine's Day. Plus, in Ancient Rome, the strawberry was a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love.

This year why not give love in a cup.


  • 50ml TeaJoy Strawberry Jasmine Syrup

  • 200ml Water

  • Ice

  • TeaJoy Lychee Popping Boba


  1. Level: Pour 50ml of TeaJoy real Strawberry and high-quality Jasmine tea syrup into your shaker

  2. Overflow: Add 200ml of water

  3. Value: Now add ice so the water level goes to the tea and water to the 400ml

  4. Exert: Shake your shaker vigorously so your tea is frothy about 10-20 seconds

  5. : Add your joyful popping boba to your cup and pour your Strawberry and Jasmine tea on top

Conclusion: This Valentine's Day, think outside the box and treat yourself and your loved ones to a delightful bubble tea experience. Whether you're enjoying a romantic evening with your partner or hosting a fun gathering with friends, bubble tea adds a unique and flavorful twist to the celebration. With its refreshing taste and playful textures, bubble tea is sure to put a smile on everyone's face and create lasting memories of love and togetherness. Cheers to love in a cup!

Ready to explore more delightful flavours? Check out the range of TeaJoy Bubble Tea products and let the joy continue beyond this recipe! Discover your next favourite flavour. Sip, pop, and let the joy flow!

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