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Recipe Idea - Passionfruit & Strawberry Margarita

Today is National Margarita Day! Did you know you can use our jasmine tea infused fruit syrups, such as passionfruit, strawberry or mango to make cocktails? Here's how:


- 50ml Tequila

- 50ml Passionfruit Jasmine TeaJoy Syrup

- 25ml lime juice


- 1 lime wheel

- 50g Strawberry Boba


1. In shaker add all ingredients, fill with 1/3 ice and shake

2. Pour drink into glass

3. Garnish with the lime wheel and strawberry boba

Passionfruit Margarita with Strawberry Boba and lime wheel
Passionfruit Margarita with Strawberry Boba

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