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Recipe Idea - Chinese New Year

Updated: Mar 11

Our signature Passionfruit Jasmine Tea with Strawberry Boba

It's Chinese New Year on February 10th Year of the Dragon 🐉!

Usually, people in China wear red clothing throughout the Lunar New Year as it symbolises prosperity is thought to ward off evil and is the most important colour at New Year. Yellow or gold is an also important colour as it represents power, wealth, longevity and happiness.

Those who are born year of the dragon are said to be charismatic, intelligent, confident, powerful and they are naturally lucky and gifted.

So what better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than by having our golden passionfruit jasmine tea with red strawberry popping boba, legend says every sip and pop brings you closer to great prosperity!


  • 50ml TeaJoy Passionfruit Jasmine Syrup

  • 200ml Water

  • Ice

  • TeaJoy Strawberry Popping Boba


  1. Prosperity: Pour 50ml of TeaJoy real Passionfruit and high-quality Jasmine tea syrup into your shaker

  2. Longevity: Add 200ml of water

  3. Wealthy: Now add ice so the water level goes to the tea and water to the 400ml

  4. Power: Shake your shaker vigorously so your tea is frothy about 10-20 seconds

  5. Happiness: Add your joyful popping boba to your cup and pour your Passionfruit and Jasmine tea on top

Enjoy our Passionfruit Jasmine Tea with Strawberry Boba and say 笑口常开 (xiào kou cháng kai) – May your year be filled with an abundance of smiles and laughter.

Ready to explore more delightful flavours? Check out the range of TeaJoy Bubble Tea products and let the joy continue beyond this recipe! Discover your next favourite flavour. Sip, pop, and let the joy flow!

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