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How does TeaJoy bubble tea help grow margins with minimal fuss?

TeaJoy bubble tea presents a game-changing solution for growing margins with minimal hassle. 

TeaJoy was born out of a need to diversify income streams during lockdown, driven by our founder Ning's desire to enhance profits for her Chinese restaurant, MamaLan. With limited kitchen space and a robust food menu already in place, Ning turned her attention to the often-overlooked drinks category. 

She decided to add bubble tea to her menu when she saw people could travel in to London to get one. Ning saw online that there was a big demand for bubble tea. People couldn’t travel to London to get it. She had her light bulb moment and thought why don’t I serve bubble tea?

She found when introducing bubble tea it was really hard and impractical. You required a lot of space, equipment and time!

It would take 2 hours in the morning to brew enough tea and then you would have to wait for the tea to cool down to serve it. This meant there were a lot of additional labour costs. Not only would she have to pay more for someone to come in and brew the tea but at the end of service additional cleaning. The other cost associated was having to buy multiple vats, and the additional energy costs with running them.

Waste was an issue too, at the end of the day she would be left with leftover tea and tea leaves. She also received complaints and had to refund customers. If you leave tea throughout the day the flavour changes due to the tannins so the tea would be more bitter. She was left with the choice of having to make another batch of tea throughout the day increasing waste again.

She wanted a product that you just needed to add water, that was consistent and there wasn’t waster. She created her secret recipe and invented a syrup that you just need to add water, ice, shake and pour.

Here was her solution and how she increased her profit.

  • Streamlined Preparation: Unlike traditional bubble tea preparation, which is labour-intensive and time-consuming, TeaJoy's innovative syrup-based approach requires minimal effort. Simply add water, ice, shake, and pour – no brewing or steeping necessary. This streamlined process eliminates the need for additional labour hours and reduces overhead costs associated with equipment and energy consumption.

  • Zero Waste: With TeaJoy, there's no waste. Our syrups come with easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring that every serving is consistent and nothing goes to waste unless accidentally spilt.

TeaJoy Bubble Tea's have 70% margins
TeaJoy Bubble Tea's have 70% margins

  • Profit Margins: TeaJoy offers exceptional profit margins, on average 70% profit margin.

  • Upselling Opportunities: By introducing TeaJoy bubble tea to your menu, you're not just offering a beverage – you're providing an experience. Customers are willing to pay more for something special, making it an excellent upselling opportunity compared to generic soft drinks. Why sell a generic soft drink for £3 when you can sell a bubble tea for £5 and an extra £2 per drink sold!

  • Competitive Advantage: In today's competitive hospitality landscape, diversifying your offerings with innovative products like TeaJoy bubble tea can attract new customers and keep regulars satisfied.

  • Simplicity: TeaJoy takes the guesswork out of adding bubble tea to your menu. With our carefully curated flavour combinations and recommended pairings, integrating TeaJoy into your offerings is simple and hassle-free.

TeaJoy POS poster
TeaJoy POS

  • Support and Training: We provide free POS materials and quarter training to ensure your staff are knowledgeable and equipped to deliver a consistent TeaJoy experience to your customers.

  • Consistency and Quality: With TeaJoy, every drink is perfect every time, thanks to our unique syrup formula crafted from high-quality jasmine tea and real fruit juice. Stand out from other bubble tea vendors with our fresh, natural flavours that rival those poured in Taiwan.

In summary, TeaJoy offers a lucrative opportunity to enhance your menu, boost your profits, and delight your customers. Join the fastest-growing bubble tea brand in the UK and let us help drive your success. Contact us today to get started and elevate your business with TeaJoy.

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