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The Bubble Boom! Why bubble tea is booming amongst young people and sharing social media

In the ever-evolving landscape of culinary trends, one beverage has managed to capture the hearts, minds, and social media feeds of young people worldwide: bubble tea. Also known as boba tea or pearl milk tea, this Taiwanese-born creation has become a cultural phenomenon, celebrated for its tantalising flavours, chewy tapioca pearls, and Instagram-worthy aesthetics. But what exactly is it about bubble tea that has made it such a beloved staple among the younger generation, and how has it managed to dominate social media platforms with such ease? Discover with TeaJoy this joyful drink.

Bubble Tea Social Media
Bubble Tea Social Media

First and foremost, bubble tea's popularity among young people can be attributed to its unique and customisable nature. Unlike traditional beverages that offer limited flavour options, bubble tea boasts a diverse array of flavors, ranging from classic milk teas to exotic fruit blends. This variety allows consumers to tailor their drink to suit their individual tastes and preferences, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the option to customize sweetness levels and add-ons such as tapioca pearls, jelly, or pudding adds an element of personalisation that resonates with young, discerning consumers. At TeaJoy our fruit syrups are based on lower levels of sugar research shows most people prefer low to normal sugar with larger tapioca/boba.

Moreover, bubble tea's visual appeal plays a significant role in its popularity among young people. With its vibrant colors, layered textures, and playful presentation, bubble tea is inherently Instagrammable, making it the perfect subject for social media posts. Whether it's a carefully composed flat lay featuring an array of colorful drinks or a close-up shot capturing the iconic tapioca pearls cascading into a cup, bubble tea has a knack for capturing attention and eliciting envy-inducing likes and comments.

Celbrities with Bubble Tea
Celbes with Bubble Tea

But perhaps the most influential factor driving bubble tea's popularity among young people is its omnipresence on social media platforms. From Instagram to TikTok, hashtags like #boba and #bubbletea boast millions of posts and views 8.3 billion views, effectively amplifying the beverage's visibility and desirability among digital-savvy consumers. Influencers and content creators regularly feature bubble tea in their feeds, further fueling its status as a must-have accessory for the Instagram generation but it is not just influencers ans content creators, celebrities like Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez and Post Malone are helping to increase the awareness of boba tea among Gen Zers. 

Take this BuzzFeed quiz to see what celebrity bubble tea you are Quiz

The rise of bubble tea on social media can also be attributed to its inherently shareable nature. Whether it's snapping a selfie with a towering cup of bubble tea or filming a satisfying close-up of the tapioca pearls being slurped through a wide straw, bubble tea lends itself effortlessly to viral content creation. Its photogenic qualities and interactive consumption experience make it a natural fit for platforms like TikTok, where short-form videos reign supreme.

Additionally, bubble tea has become more than just a beverage; it's a lifestyle. For many young people, indulging in bubble tea is about more than just quenching their thirst—it's a social activity, Birmingham’s Bullring alone has four. This year, Google searches for the drink were ten times what they were in 2016. You can also find TeaJoy bubble tea in Hello Kitty cafes in Primark sites. 

In conclusion, the popularity of bubble tea among young people and its dominance on social media can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its customisable flavours, visual appeal, and widespread presence on digital platforms. At TeaJoy in 2 years we have served 1 million bubble teas. As the bubble tea craze continues to sweep across the globe, one thing is certain: this beloved beverage isn't just a passing fad—it's a cultural phenomenon that has captured the hearts and taste buds of an entire generation.

Hello Kitty in Bubble Tea
Hello Kitty in Bubble Tea

If you are looking to serve bubble tea in your venue, get in touch to hear more about TeaJoy concept and how it can work for you? And how you can appeal to a new audience and keep your current customers happy?

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